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The booking Tab has a Minimum of days to book before the departure field. You can add how many days in advance you want to take the booking. You know It’s our Pro feature.

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Disable Same Day Booking

This feature disables booking for the same date. For example, if today is the booking date, it will not allow a booking for today.

Enable Traveler Info

When you enable this feature, you will find an option in the checkout process where travelers will need to provide their information based on the number of persons selected for the tour.

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Tour Booking Types


Tour booking offers three types of options: Internal Booking, External Booking, and Booking Without Payment.

Internal Booking:

This is a booking process integrated within the website and relies on WooCommerce. In this process, you will need to configure the WooCommerce booking/payment methods to facilitate payments.

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External Booking:

This option enables you to set up a booking process through an external website URL. The booking process will be managed by that external website. In this case, you will need to select this option and provide the URL for the external booking process for the tour

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Without Payment Booking:

This feature enables you to make a tour booking without requiring payment. To book a tour, you will only need to provide the necessary booking details.

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