Hotel Settings Layout

Here, you will need to enter your hotel title and provide detailed hotel information. Additionally, you have the option to customize the hotel URL as per your requirements.

Hotel Dashboard title and details - Themefic

Template Preview

Hotel Dashboard title and details preview - Themefic

Location, Features, Types, Features Image

Hotel Location

The hotel location is a mandatory field for publishing a hotel. This location information is crucial for users to search for specific hotels based on their preferred location – Learn More

Hotel locaiton hotel types hotel featured and featured image 1 - Themefic

Hotel Features

The hotel features allow you to add diffrent kinds of hotel featues that you want to serve to your hotel service you can add them there – Lean More

Hotel Types

You can create Hotel Types that allow you to select a hotel type based on the categories created.  You can also create hotel features from the category section.

You can create a filter by using widgets – Visit Appearance> Widgets

Hotel type filter widget - Themefic

Featured Image

Featured image will be set as the main image of the template view for the hotel

Featured Hotel

Featured hotel allows you to designate a hotel as featured. This means the featured hotel will be displayed with a prominent tag on the hotel search list and archive pages.

Enable the feature and set featured text like screenshot below

Hotel Featured image - Themefic

Template Preveiw

Here is the frontend view with the featured image on the archive page.

Featured Image preveiw - Themefic

Single Hotel Page Layout

Here, you can choose a layout from the single hotel layout options. If you select the global settings, they will be pulled from the Tourfic general settings page, and this layout will be displayed on the single page view.