License Key

How to activate Tourfic Pro License?

  1. When you purchase our Plugin, the license key is sent to you via email. Alternatively, you can login to our client portal and go to the License key page under the Support tab. You can also click here.
  2. Copy the License code, go to Tourfic Settings -> License info. Add your Email and license key to activate the pro plugin.
Screenshot at Jan 25 11 15 52 - Themefic

3. After you install the key, it should look something like this:

Screenshot at Jan 25 11 17 46 - Themefic

Watch Complete Video

Check from 3:40 of this video to see complete Installation of both Free and Pro version:

Still Not Clear? Please contact us. If you are a free User, you can open a ticket from here. If you are a pro user, you can open a ticket from here.