General Settings


In this panel, the post type of the plugin can be enabled and disabled. If you disable any of them, the assets and functionality of that particular type will not load on the site, which will help to improve the site’s performance.

How to Disable Service?

You have the option to choose which services you’d like to disable. Any disabled services will not be visible on the front end.

Disable Tourfic Service - Themefic


How Change Date formate

You can choose a date format that will be displayed when a user selects a date for booking.

Select date formate tourfic - Themefic

Date Template Preview

Here, you can observe that the date format has been adjusted in accordance with the settings for tour booking.

Select date formate preveiw tourfic - Themefic


How Change Template for Hotel, Tour, and Apartment

You have the flexibility to globally change the layout design from the general settings for tour, hotel, apartment single pages, as well as the archive & search result template.

Global Single Page Layout

Navigate to the layout tab for hotel, tour, and apartment. Select the template you wish to use, and it will be displayed on the frontend view for the respective service’s single page.

Tourfic template settings for hotel tour apartment - Themefic

Global Archive Page Layout

You have the option to modify the layout template for the archive and search pages of hotels, tours, and apartments. You also have the option to set the list items view in either List view or Grid view for hotel, tour and apartment.

Archive page desing - Themefic

Select Minimum Price to Show?

You have the option to configure the settings for displaying the minimum price on the archive page. Additionally, you can set parameters for adult and child pricing

Archive page price settings - Themefic

Minimum price Template Preview

Here is the price displayed according to my settings.

Archive page price settings preview - Themefic