Map Settings

Tourfic allows you to select OpenStreetMap and Google Maps. OpenStreetMap is the default map. And if you choose Google Maps, you will have to set the Google Map API Key for Google Maps. 

Tourfic map - Themefic


Wishlist Settings

How to create a wishlist page?

Select Wishlist Page:  Select the page where you want to display the wishlist and use the shortcode to the courier for the list –  [tf-wishlist]

Enable Wishlist: You can Enable Wishlist for Logged in User and Logged out User

Tourfic Wishlist - Themefic

Show Wishlist Button: Select services where you want to display the wishlist button

Permalink Settings

Tourfic Permalinks - Themefic


Review Settings

Enable Review: You can enable review for Logged in User and log User(pro). 

Auto Publish: Review Auto publish option will help post a review automatically when someone submits any review. If you disable the option, then only admin-approved checks will be issued.

Calculate Review: You can calculate the review based on 5 and 10. When you select based on 5, then you can submit a 1 to 5 rating. If you enable based 10, you can submit a 1 to 10 rating for review.  
Review Fields for Hotels and Tours: You can add custom review options. And the user can review these options.

Custom Review Fields(pro): You can add custom review fields for services, and users can review these fields.

tourfic review - Themefic


Optimization Settings

Minify CSS, Minify JS, Flatpickr CDN, Fancybox CDN, Slick CDN, and Font Awesome CDN are available for tourfic

Optimized Assets tourfic - Themefic