Room Management

This section separates rooms into separate groups and provides control for each of them.

  • The Room Title and Subtitle are self-explanatory, along with a text box for any necessary descriptions. 
  • For visual aid, you can add a Room Thumbnail to every room. Additionally, it’s possible to create a separate Room Gallery for each of them, much like a gallery for the entire apartment. The room gallery remains a distinct collection. 

You can define the room type from a host of options. Additionally, useful details like the Room Footage, Number of Beds, Number of Adults, Children, and Infants in each room can be specified.
Hit the Add New button to add as many rooms as necessary.

Tourfic room management for apartments backend - Themefic

Template View

Click on a single room to access the room management section. This action will trigger a popup displaying detailed information about the selected room.

Tourfic single rroom management for apartments - Themefic

Tourfic room management for apartments - Themefic