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This page covers up the type of Support we provide for our item. What kind of work is included and what’s excluded. Please read these carefully before purchasing any item from Themefic.

Last updated: March 1, 2024

Check the Documentation

For your convenience, each product is accompanied by comprehensive documentation. This can be accessed through the documentation section on our website. We warmly encourage our valued customers to review the documentation as a first step prior to reaching out for support.

Support System

We kindly ask that all support inquiries be directed through our website’s ticketing system for a streamlined and efficient response. We are committed to providing thorough technical support exclusively through our support tickets.

  • For Free Version Users: Please open your ticket here.
  • For Pro Version Users: Please open your ticket here.
  • We wish to inform our esteemed customers that technical support is not available through social media, email, or live chat platforms. However, we are more than happy to address general or pre-sale questions through any of your preferred channels (e.g., Facebook, Email, Live Chats, etc.).
  • Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we are unable to offer support via phone calls, Google Meet, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams at this time.
Support Hours

We are a small team based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and our Timezone is GMT+6 / CST+12.

  • For Pro users, Our official support hours are from 9 AM to 9 PM, Sunday to Thursday. We endeavor to respond to tickets submitted during these hours within 1 – 2 hours. Tickets received outside these hours will receive attention on the next business day. During the weekend (Friday & Saturday), we offer limited support, aiming for a response time of 4 – 8 hours.
  • For Free users, We aim to respond to inquiries within 6 – 24 hours throughout the week, depending on the volume and nature of the requests.
Support Period

The duration of support available for a product is based on the package purchased, typically either Lifetime or 365 days. For those with a 365-day package, we kindly remind you to renew your support period after each cycle. While we strive to respond to all inquiries as promptly as possible, please understand that response times may vary depending on the current volume of inquiries and the nature of the requests.

What’s included in Support

Our support services are exclusively for our products. We are here to assist with:

  • Answer your general questions about the product and its usage. (For example, “How can I install the plugin?”)
  • Answer technical queries about the product.
  • Address specific queries about the features and functionality of the product.
  • Resolve known bugs and issues related to our products.
  • Assist you with issues related to using the product.
  • Facilitate the installation of our product on your website (depending on the package you purchase). We believe our plugin installation process is straightforward, and we provide clear documentation on how to install the product. If you are still unable to do so, please open a support ticket. We will endeavor to provide further assistance. Note that we offer support only for the installation. Complete configuration is not included in the support policy.
What’s not included in Support

Please be aware that our support does not extend to:

  • Customizing, modifying, or extending our products beyond the original features, style, and functionality described on the product page is not covered under standard support. Should you require assistance with these actions, please contact us separately, and we will endeavor to address your needs for an additional cost.
  • Addressing issues related to your web hosting or server falls outside our scope of support. If you encounter server-related problems, we kindly request that you contact your hosting provider directly to resolve them.
  • Fixing bugs in third-party assets or facilitating the installation of those assets is not included in our support. In such instances, it is necessary to reach out to the original authors of those assets.
  • If our plugin is not functioning correctly due to interference from another third-party plugin, support for this issue is not typically provided. However, you can contact us separately for assistance, and we will attempt to resolve the problem for an additional cost.
  • We do not offer support for our products if they contain material that infringes copyright or promotes violence, racism, or deals with adult/porn/sexually explicit content, gambling, alcohol, music, vulgarity, and related materials.
What’s included in all Product

Here is what you can expect with all the products you purchase:

  • A minimum of 365 days / Lifetime of updates, depending on your chosen package.
  • Access to clear and detailed documentation.
  • Dedicated bug fixing support.
Bug Fixing

We invite you to report any product bugs immediately. We are committed to resolving these issues swiftly and will keep you informed through updates, our support channels, or official social media.

Updating Support Policy

Please note that we may update this Support Policy periodically to reflect any necessary changes. All updates will be posted on this page. Themefic reserves the right to modify the content of this policy at any time without prior notice, and we appreciate your understanding.

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