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This page covers up the type of Support we provide for our item. What kind of work is included and what’s excluded. Please read these carefully before purchasing any item from Themefic.

Last updated: May 18, 2022

Check the Documentation

Each of our item includes a separate documentation. It’s either available with the product or available on the documentation page on our website. We request our buyers to kindly read that first before creating a support ticket.

Support System

Please only request support through creating a ticket through our website’s support forum. We only provide full support via support tickets. We don’t provide support via social media platforms like Facebook. However, we do answer general questions via any platform you prefer (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc).

Support period

The support period of an item depends on the package your purchased. Usually most of our item is supported for Lifetime or 365 days. If you buy a 365 days pack, you need to renew the support period. After a ticket is created we will try our best to response as soon as possible but we may delay due to the volume of inquiries and the nature of the request.

What’s included in Support

Our support is open for our own products only. If you need assistance with separate products which are not owned by us, then you can contact us separately and we will try to fix them for additional cost. During the item support period we are expected to be available to:

  • Answer your general questions about the product and how to use it. (For example, how can I install the plugin?)
  • Answering technical queries about the product
  • Answer specific queries about the features and functionality of the product
  • Known bugs and issues
  • Help you with issues related to using the product
  • Answer questions about third party assets bundled with the item, such as how they work and other technical questions.
  • Installation of our product on your website (Depending on the package you buy). We do believe our plugin installation is easy and we have clear documentation how to install a product. If you are still unable to do, then open a support ticket. We will try to assist further. Note that, we will only help with the installation. Complete configuration is not included within the support policy.
What’s not included in Support

Here is what you should not expect from us or our products:

  • Customize, modify or extend our products beyond the original features, style and functionality described on the product page. If you really need help with this, you can contact us separately and we will try to fix them for additional cost.
  • Fixing your web hosting or server related issues. If there is an issue with your server, we will request you to contact with them first to fix those issues.
  • Fixing bugs of third party assets or the installation of those assets. In such cases, you need to contact with the original author of those assets.
  • If our plugin is not functioning properly because of any other 3rd party plugin which you are using. If you really need help with this, you can contact us separately and we will try to fix them for additional cost.
What’s included in all Product

Here is what you can expect with all the products you purchase:

  • At-least 365 days / Lifetime of regular updates (depending on the package).
  • A clear documentation guide.
Bug Fixing

If you see any bugs on any of our product, please report immediately. We will try to fix them as soon as possible. Once it’s fixed, we will release updates and may also notify the buyers through our support channel or official newsletter mail or social media.

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