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What is  Tourfic QR Code?

Our tour event management system provides an exemplary customer experience by enabling the issuance of tour vouchers via email. A unique aspect of our voucher system is the inclusion of QR codes, which is exclusively available to Tour Pro users.

QR Code Tourfic - Themefic

Please note that without Tour Pro, the QR Code feature will not be visible on your Tourfic settings page. Currently, this feature is available in Tour only

Encompassing aspects such as QR code configuration and customization, the following attributes constitute the QR code settings:

Tourfic Voucher - Themefic
  1. Company Logo: Upload your own company logo to be displayed on the Voucher PDF. This adds a professional touch and ensures brand consistency.
  2. Voucher Watermark: Add a watermark to the Voucher PDF for added security and protection. The watermark image will make it difficult to replicate or forge the voucher.
  3. Voucher Title: Customize the title displayed on the Voucher PDF. This allows you to provide a specific title that corresponds to the content of the voucher.
  4. Voucher ID Prefix: Set a unique prefix for the voucher ID to differentiate.
  5. Voucher Policy: Define and include your voucher policy within the Voucher PDF. This can be terms and conditions, redemption guidelines, or any other policy information relevant to the voucher. It ensures that users are aware of the terms associated with the voucher.
  6. Attendance Verification: Enable QR code verification for booking attendance. This feature allows you to scan the QR code on the voucher to verify the booking and track attendance.
  7. Verification Steps: Choose between one-step or two-step verification when using QR code verification. In one-step verification, the QR code is scanned, and the booking attendance is instantly confirmed. In two-step verification, an additional verification process or validation is required after scanning the QR code, ensuring an extra layer of security or authentication.

How to add a Voucher to an email template?

You will have to use the voucher shot inside the email template body so that the booking voucher will be set to that email

Please, check the screenshot below

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Voucher Sending Process to Customers:

The transmission of vouchers to customers via Email is a streamlined process. By incorporating the {tour_voucher_downloader} shortcode into the email template body, you gain the ability to dispatch vouchers to customers in tandem with their booking confirmation email. Upon receipt of an order status that is marked as complete, customers are automatically provided with a download link within the email body, enabling them to access their voucher without delay.

Voucher Email Template - Themefic

Attendees Verification Process Using QR Code:

The Touric Plugin offers two distinct methods for validating an attendee’s voucher. The QR code scanning feature, with the ability to scan the code either automatically or manually. To facilitate this process, Tourfic has created a secure and exclusive page known as TF QR Code Scanner, which is only accessible to authorized administrators. Furthermore, Tourfic has implemented a robust 2-step verification system to ensure the highest level of security for all users. Please note that the TF QR Code Scanner page is strictly prohibited for visitor access.

  1. Start Scanner
  2. Allow you to open Front Camera & Back Camera
  3. If you added 2-step verification in settings after the scan you get quick details, then the verify step.
  4. If you added 1-step verification in settings the get a quick verification step after the scan.

TF QR code Scanner Page

Start Scanner - Themefic

2 Step Verification

Verficy QR Code - Themefic

Verified QR Code

Verfied QR code - Themefic

QR code Not Verified

Noted Verfied QR Code - Themefic

After Verify Change Booking status – is Verified

After Verfiy Change status - Themefic