How to Convert Your Visitors into Paid Customers Using a One Page Checkout System

One Page Checkout System

“How to convert your visitors into paid customers using a one page checkout system” is a trending topic in eCommerce communities these days. Nowadays, many shoppers witness a high cart abandonment rate due to the dreaded multi-page checkout system. 

So, they look for a viable solution to this problem. If you can relate to them and are on the same page, you can continue reading this article. 

This guide will show you how to use a one page checkout system to remove friction, build customer trust, and turbocharge your sales. So, buckle up, and let’s get started. 

What is the standard checkout process?

One page checkout system - What is the standard checkout process?

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The checkout process refers to the series of processes a customer follows to complete the purchase in an eCommerce store. The typical checkout process many customers encounter is as follows:

Add to cart > cart page > checkout page > billing and shipping info > shipping method > preview order > payment > confirmation. 

Very few customers like to complete all these steps. Therefore, many shoppers abandon their carts and leave eCommerce stores. 

If you want to reduce cart abandonment in your store, make sure customers experience the ideal checkout flow mentioned below while shopping.

Add to cart > billing and shipping info and shipping method > payment > confirmation.

See! How smooth and frictionless this ideal checkout process is. 

That’s what the standard checkout process looks like. In this article, you’ll learn practical strategies to make the checkout flow standard and convert web visitors into loyal fans.

What is a one page checkout system?

What is a one page checkout system?

A one page checkout is a process that packs all the elements of the standard checkout process into one single page. 

This system will allow you to input payment, shipping details, billing address and all other relevant information on a single page.

Consequently, you avoid visiting multiple pages on an eCommerce store while purchasing. 

Having such a system on your website can bring you immense benefits. Below, we’ll shed light on this topic. Let’s read.

Benefits of adopting one page checkout system

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Every customer enjoys a hassle-free shopping experience. Thus, customers will frequently visit your eCommerce store and purchase products if you offer them easy shopping.

Fortunately, a one page checkout system will allow you to do so. In essence, this system provides a win-win for both customers and retailers. 

Let’s know about its benefits in detail. 

Benefits your customers get

Benefits your customers get

A one page checkout system removes a lot of the headache of the buyer journey. It eliminates the number of checkout steps customers perform to purchase any products. 

Besides, a one page checkout system removes customers’ unnecessary hassles, times and confusion. Thus, it streamlines the shopping experience and ensures high customer satisfaction. 

Benefits you enjoy as a retailer

Benefits you enjoy as a retailer

You can benefit from a high conversion rate after integrating a one page checkout solution into their stores. 

As you know, a one page checkout page reduces friction between buyers and merchants. It delivers the best-in-class buying process that both customers and retailers enjoy. 

It allows merchants to design the checkout process to align with their brands. For example, eCommerce website owners can add custom fonts, colors, favicons, etc., to the checkout system to give customers a visual representation of their brands.

This helps merchants increase their brand identity while making the entire checkout process smooth for customers. 

Hence, the benefits of having a one page checkout system for merchants are massive. You should have such a system in your store.

If you don’t, you can read the following section to know how to integrate one and utilize it to convert visitors into paid customers.

How to convert your visitors into paid customers using a one page checkout system

Here is a rundown of the most powerful strategies that can help you convert web visitors into loyal customers. Let’s dive deeper into these methods.

1. Simplify the checkout process

Simplify the checkout process

Customers love it when they can quickly and easily purchase anything from eCommerce stores. However, many online stores fail to provide them with such an experience.  

Whenever shoppers visit traditional eCommerce stores and intend to buy something, they notice they need to visit many pages and complete many steps to make the purchase. Which they find annoying. 

Consequently, they abandon the carts and leave stores. 

On the contrary, customers frequently visit stores and become more likely to purchase products from those stores. It allows them to buy stuff without visiting too many pages or completing too many steps.

And that’s what a one page checkout system does. You already know about the benefits of such a solution. But the question here is, which is the best one page checkout system?

In essence, you can find many WordPress plugins that offer customers an easy and remarkable shopping experience. 

Instantio is one such one page checkout system you may install in your store. Here’s how you can optimize your checkout process with this one page checkout system. 

First, log in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. Then, navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin.

navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin.

Type in ‘Instantio’ on the search bar in the search field.

Type in ‘Instantio’ on the search bar in the search field

Click on the Install Now button.

Click on the Install Now button

Hit the Activate button.

Hit the Activate button

That’s it. You can now visit your store and click on any product’s Add to cart button.

visit your store and click on any product's Add to cart button

You’ll then notice a floating animation of your product moving to the Instantio cart.

As shown in the animation, your customers won’t have to visit the checkout page. They can directly click on the Checkout Now button to make a purchase.

click on the Checkout Now button

Instantio’s benefits don’t end here! Your users can even complete the purchase without visiting the checkout page if you opt for Instantio’s pro plan. 

With the pro plugin, you’ll have all the facilities to reduce cart abandonment and increase the conversion rate. So, try it yourself today! 

2. Enable guest checkout

Enable guest checkout

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It can be tempting to have many registered users in your store. Therefore, you insist customers register accounts before making any purchase.

Let’s tell you that many customers find the registration process a hassle. Even being overwhelmed, many new shoppers leave stores without buying any products. 

Sure, you can encourage shoppers to create an account in your eCommerce store. But you can’t force them to do so when purchasing. 

Instead, enable a guest checkout option in your store. Let customers quickly complete the transactions by entering their email ID, contact details and home address. 

3. Remove the sign-up needs

Remove the sign-up needs

As we’ve already discussed, many customers don’t like to create accounts before purchasing any products. You can eliminate the steps to creating accounts in your store to increase the conversion rate.

However, it’s an optional step. We want you to give your customers a hassle-free shopping experience. 

So, it’ll be best to remove the sign-up needs. Instead, you can allow customers to fill in a few details about them and shipping information to make the purchase.

4. Offer various payment options

Offer various payment options

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You can fulfill various customers’ needs by offering them diverse payment solutions. You can integrate well-known payment options into your website, such as PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

For your information, you can double or even triple the conversion rate just by adding these payment solutions mentioned above. Yes, you read it right. 

Hence, integrate as many payment options as possible to give your customers a wide array of payment solutions to select while purchasing any products. You’ll definitely see results in the end. 

5. Clarify prices and shipping cost

Many store owners don’t clarify the shipping fees upfront. As a result, they notice a high cart abandonment rate compared to others. 

That’s why you need to show the shipping fees and other relevant costs on the checkout page so that visitors can avoid surprises at checkout. 

Additionally, ensure you make the price structure simple. You can utilize a shipping cost calculator or offer a flat-rate shipping option to increase the conversion rate. 

Lastly, ensure the terms and conditions are clear if you offer coupons, discounts, or other special deals. 

6. Collect email address at checkout

Collect email address at checkout

You may know your customers’ email addresses are an asset for your business. You can send follow-up emails and promote different products if you have your customers’ emails. 

Also, you can update customers with recent changes in the business you’ve made. Above all, you can always stay in touch with the potential shoppers!

Therefore, you need to prioritize collecting email addresses. While collecting, make sure customers happily enter their emails. 

And how will you do this? Well, instead of constantly forcing them by pop-ups to enter emails, you can collect their emails during the checkout.

You can easily build an invaluable customer list if you adhere to this method.  

7. Make your store mobile-friendly

Make your store mobile-friendly

The number of mobile users in the United States is huge and constantly rising. Also, most eCommerce customers complete the transaction using their mobile devices. 

So, to capture this audience, you need to develop a mobile-friendly eCommerce store. 

We recommend you follow all the best practices for creating a responsive website so that customers get the same smooth shopping experience across devices. 

Bonus strategies to consider for one page checkout system

Alongside applying all the abovementioned strategies, you can follow these additional techniques to convert website visitors into paid customers.

  • Use simple language: Customers need to understand all the information you put in your store. So, clarify everything in simple language. This may include product details, terms and conditions, privacy policy, etc.
  • Offer discounts for entering email addresses: It’s an excellent technique to enrich your email list and increase the conversion rate. So, prioritize offering discounts to those prospective customers who join the mailing list. 

These two bonus strategies can effectively convert web visitors into paid customers. 

FAQs – One Page Checkout System

What is a good checkout page conversion rate?

The average checkout page conversion rate is 2% to 3%. You’ll have a good checkout page conversion rate if you can achieve any percentage over 3%. 

How do I streamline the checkout process?

Integrate a one page checkout system. Provide clear and concise instructions, include various payment solutions, and make your store mobile-friendly. 

Final thoughts on one page checkout system

Congratulations! You’ve read all the strategies for converting your visitors into paid customers using a one page checkout system. But remember, the customer journey never truly ends, nor does yours. 

That’s why you can constantly search and apply different techniques to keep doubling or tripling the conversion rate. You can follow strategies like gathering customers’ feedback, performing A/B tests, refining security concerns etc. 

Remember, you need to take practical steps to become/remain successful cautiously. We wish you good luck on your adventure. And we expect you to follow our guide to overcome your challenges. 

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