WooCommerce Checkout

Pro Feature
You have to install the first UACF7 Addon – Woocmmerce Product Dropdown Plugin for using the product dropdown pro feature.

Ultimate Product Dropdown Addon 3 - Themefic
  • Allow Multiple ->  Clicking Allow multiple product selection  checkboxes, You can able to select multiple products from the form. 
  • Display total price -> if you want to display the total selected product price after form submission. You can able to do that. Just click allow to display the total selected product price checkbox.
  • Show product By -> You can able to show your product using the product id and also you can able to show your product based on the category and product tag.
  • Select layout style -> using select layout style you can able to select Dropdown and Grid layout.
Ultimate Product Dropdown Addon 4 - Themefic

Add to cart and redirect after form submission.

For using this feature you need to install our UACF7 Addon – Woocommerce Checkout first.

Ultimate Product Dropdown Addon 5 - Themefic

After installing the Woocommerce Checkout  addon you need to activate it on your ultimate addons page. 

Ultimate Product Dropdown Addon 6 - Themefic

Once you activate Auto Add to cart & Checkout after Form Submission addon, you get a settings tab in your contact form 7 editor page. 

You just need to check to enable the product auto to add to cart checkbox to enable Add to cart and redirect after the form submission feature.

You can also choose the redirect page

Ultimate Product Dropdown Addon 8 - Themefic

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