AI Form generator

Generating forms and the form tags for them requires a significant amount of time and effort. Ultimate Add-ons offers the Form Generator AI to users to streamline that process and create entire forms or individual tags with only a few clicks. 

What’s Required

Since the Form Generator AI is a free feature, simply updating your Ultimate Add-ons plugins should suffice. Once the plugin is up to date, you’ll see a toggle named Form Generator AI in the Ultimate Add-ons settings page. It should be enabled by default; if not, enable it and hit save.

Accessing the Form Generator AI

With the generator enabled, head over to the editing section of your Contact 7 form. You’ll see a button named Form Generator AI at the top. Clicking on that will bring up the generator window.

AI a form generator interface - Themefic

Form Generator Commands

Upon clicking on the create field on the generator pop-up, you’ll find two options — forms and tags. Selecting form will let you create a template for an entire form, while the latter allows you to create tags quickly. 

Generating Entire Forms 

To create a form, click on Form in the “Create a” field. Doing so will bring up the possible form types in the dropdown menu. 

AI a form generator create form - Themefic

Once you’ve selected the preferred form type, click on the generate with AI button to start creating the form. You should then find the code field below populating with the necessary form labels or fields. 

AI a form generator data - Themefic

Note: some of the form types have (Pro) written next to them. These require additional pro add-ons (e.g., the blog submission or appointment add-ons). To create a form using these, simply install the respective add-ons to your WordPress site. 

The generator will instruct you on which plugin to install if it’s not present.

AI a form generator Pro create - Themefic

Creating Form Tags with the AI Generator

Creating tags follows a similar process as form generation. Once you select tag as the primary type, you’ll find a list of all the possible tag categories. 

AI a tag generator create form - Themefic

Once you click on the required type, it’ll suggest additional properties that you may want. For instance, in the example below, we selected an email form tag. The form generator then suggested properties like whether it should have a label and whether it’s a required field. 

AI a tags generator tags - Themefic

Hit the Generate with AI button once you’ve found the intended properties. Note that you can create multiple instances of the same tag or make unique ones within one instance of the generator. This allows you to mix and match and create a form from scratch.

For example, we created an email and a date tag below. 

AI a tags generator create form - Themefic

Inserting and Editing the Generated Forms and Tags

Ultimate Add-ons provides multiple methods of inserting and editing the tags you generate. 

You can edit the forms and tags right within the code editor below the generator. Hitting Insert will automatically input the generated form into the Contact Form, where you can edit it further if necessary.

AI a tags generator label - Themefic