Conditional Redirect

In some cases, you’ll want to redirect users to a thank you page or a page with another service once they submit a form. You may also want to redirect them to another URL depending on the value they write in a particular field. 

Using such redirections conditionally can help the user experience or push them to use more of your services. The Conditional Redirect addon in the Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 Pro catalog allows you to effectively utilize the redirect feature. 

Installation and Set Up

  • Along with Contact Form 7 and the pro version of Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7, you’ll need to download the Conditional Redirect addon from Themefic’s download portal. 
  • Once you’ve installed and enabled the addon, move over to the Ultimate Addons settings page under the Contact tab, and check the box that says Redirection. 

Using Conditional Redirects

After installation, you can go to the editing section of a Contact 7 form. Add the form to a page and publish it to see the changes live. 

  • Above the text field in the editing section, you’ll now see a tab called Ultimate Redirect. After clicking on that, click on the boxes that say Enable Redirection and Conditional Redirect to use the feature with that particular form. 
  • Now, click on the + Add Condition button to add any scenario that will redirect the user to another URL. For instance, you could send users to different locations depending on whether they write ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a field. 
  • The Open page in a new tab checkbox makes the redirection happen on a new tab. This is useful if you want to retain the progress of the current form page. 

Redirect Form Submissions with the tag Support

In many cases, website admins may want to have the form data passed onto other services (for instance, WhatsApp). It makes checking the submission data easier and reduces the time it takes for customers to reach you. 

The conditional redirect addon from Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 allows you to redirect form submissions to other messaging services or websites with ease. 


  • As usual, you’ll need the Contact Form 7 plugin and the Pro version of Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7 installed and activated. The latter is available on Themefic’s website. 
  • You’ll also require the conditional redirect plugin from the very download section. Download the .zip file, click the Upload Plugin button in the Plugins tab, and install it. 
  • Once done, head over to the Ultimate Addons settings page within the Contact tab and enable the checkbox that says Redirection

Using the Redirection Addon

  • Once the addon has been installed and activated, you can move on to Contact Form 7’s form editing section. You should now see a new tab named UACF7 Redirection. Click on it and check the box that says Enable redirection.
  • If you want to be able to use the tags on your Contact Form 7 fields, check the Tags support to redirect URL box. Hence, if [username] responds to the form’s username field, you can add it to the redirect section and have it automatically organized that way.
  • Since we’re going to redirect the form data to another site (be it a website or a messaging client like WhatsApp), click on the Redirect to external URL button. Now, this URL depends on where you want the data to go.
  • For services like WhatsApp, the format would be ( — where is one of WhatsApp’s domains, followed by your phone number. For other services, the URL will be different.
    You can also add texts and tags after the URL if you’ve enabled tag support.

Publishing the form on a page and submitting it should now automatically redirect your form data to the destination. Make sure that the redirection URL is functional, otherwise, the redirection will fail. 

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