Autocomplete (IP-based Geolocation)

Filling in the usual country, state, or zip fields in a form can affect the user experience. Instead, identifying their IP geolocation and filling in the fields automatically can cut down on the effort and time required to fill the forms — making user retention likelier. 

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7’s Pro users can use its IP Geolocation addon can achieve just that. 

Setting Things Up

  • Predictably, you’ll require Contact Form 7 and Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7’s Pro version installed on your WordPress backend (available on Themefic’s portal). 
  • You can then download the IP Geolocation from the same download portal. Once you have it, click on the Add New tab under the Plugins section. Add the .zip file from there and install and activate the plugin. Lastly, visit the Ultimate Addons settings page and activate the IP Geo Fields box. 
  • For fields regarding the country, enable the Country Dropdown field from Ultimate Addons settings as well.  

Using the IP Geolocation Addon

Once you have the plugin installed and enabled, move over to the editing section for your Contact 7 form. 

  • The template editing section will now have some buttons named City, State, and Zip Code, as well as the Country Dropdown. If you click on any of them, you’ll see a form-tag generator pop up. 
  • For instance, if you want the City field to be automatically filled up, click on the button. In the following pop-up, check the box that says Auto Complete, meaning users won’t have to fill it manually. Once done, click on Insert Tag, and it’ll be added to the form’s code.  

Note that the fields are filled according to the IP geolocation, which can be inaccurate if the user has changed it (e.g., with a VPN). 

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