Mailchimp Integration

You can collect your audience using Mailchimp API using contact form 7. Our Ultimate Mailchimp addon will help you to increase your Mailchimp audience list. Active first your Mailchimp addon from the ultimate addons page.

ultimate mailchimp addon 1 - Themefic

After Activating the ultimate MailChimp addon, you will get a Mailchimp tab on the ultimate addons page. Just add your Mailchimp Audience API.

ultimate mailchimp addon 2 - Themefic

After adding Mailchimp API, You will able to create a form for your MailChimp audience list. 

When you add the contact form 7 form you will see a tab panel UACF7 Mailchimp setting tab.

You can set your required setting. 

  • 1st you need to enable the Mailchimp form checkbox. 
  • After that, you can able to choose which form you want to create. Right now we are operating only in the subscribe form. 
  • After that, you will select your MailChimp audience list. Your all subscriber will be added to this audience list.
  • And right you need to define your Mailchimp tag name and contact form 7 tag name. Normally for adding a Mailchimp subscriber you must need three values. Which is Email, First Name, and Last Name. So, you need to select you to need to choose your contact form 7 tag name as Mailchimp value.
  • Also, you can able to add an extra custom Mailchimp tag field.
ultimate mailchimp addon 3 - Themefic

Watch Complete Video:

Check this video to see complete step by step guide for Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Integration:

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