For Woo-Commerce PayPal Payment Method Instantio to work some settings need to be checked. Otherwise, the Instantio payment method will not work.

Instantio Payment docs paypal

First of all, make sure the PayPal payment option is turned on in Payment Options in Woocommerce settings. To do this Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments -> PayPal
Click on the manage button, see the above image for details.

PayPal 2 - Themefic

Enable the PayPal Gateway for checkout. If you want to use the sandbox experimentally, also tick the sandbox checkbox.

Instantio Payment docs paypal

Woo-commerce -> settings -> Payments -> PayPal -> Checkout

Make sure the Checkout area Enable buttons on Checkout are ticked. For PayPal to work instantio. See the above image.

Instantio Payment docs paypal

Also, uncheck them all, Now you check Instantio PayPal will load for sure! Thanks for using Instantio