Upsells and Cross-sells

One of the exciting features of Instantio is that it offers Upsell and Cross-Sell features within WooCommerce. This allows you to increase sales and maximize revenue by offering additional products to customers during the checkout process.

Instantio Upsell Cross Sell General - Themefic


How to add Upsell and Cross-sell In a single product?

To incorporate Upsell and Cross-Sell products into a specific product, navigate to the editing option for that particular product. Once inside the product’s editing interface, you’ll find a section called “Linked Products” under the “Product Data” tab in the WooCommerce Page Settings. There, you will see options for Upsell and Cross-Sell. Select the specific products you wish to feature as upsells or cross-sells, and they will automatically appear within Instantio’s panel.

Instantio Upsell Cross Sell - Themefic


When a customer adds a product to their cart in Instantio, and you have configured upsell and cross-sell products for that item, these options will be presented to the customer in the Quick Checkout Interface.


Upsell options will be displayed in the Quick Check Cart section.

Instantio Upsell - Themefic



Cross-sells options will be displayed in the Quick Check Checkout section.

Instantio Cross Sell - Themefic


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