Mode or Theme

Instantio (Free) comes up with 4 different modes or themes:

Instantio Theme - Themefic


Lite Mode:

The Instantio Lite Theme is a minimalist option within the Instantio plugin, designed to furnish your on-page checkout process with a clean and modern aesthetic.

Instantio Lite Theme - Themefic


Dark Mode:

Opt for the Instantio Dark Theme to imbue your on-page checkout with a stylish and elegant dark color scheme. This theme balances visual appeal with readability and usability.

Instantio Dark Theme - Themefic


Glassmorphism Mode:

The Instantio Glassmorphism Theme integrates the popular Glassmorphism design trend into your on-page checkout experience. With its modern, translucent elements, this theme elevates the visual appeal of your checkout process.

Instantio Glassmorphisam Theme - Themefic


Gradient Mode:

Choose the Instantio Gradient Theme for a dynamic and vibrant gradient color scheme in your on-page checkout. This theme enhances visual interest and contributes to an appealing checkout experience.

Instantio Gradient Theme - Themefic

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