Cutting Down on Form Abandonment: Introducing Conversational Form on Contact Form 7

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Form abandonment is an issue as old as time. Be it a lead-generating form or a contact form — maintaining user engagement is tricky. and considering how these submissions are paramount to increasing your user base and online presence, making forms accessible is a priority.

Conversational forms have brought a massive change in that regard. They use natural, interactive interfaces to create an engaging user experience — resulting in higher retention and conversion.

Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7’s brand new Conversational Form addon will now allow Pro users to make the most out of conversational forms. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer!

Easy Integration to Contact Form 7

If you’re a pro user, all you have to do is install the Conversational Form add-on from Themefic’s portal and enable it on the Addons Settings page! 

From there, you can go to the editing page for Contact Forms, and you’ll find a new tab named UACF7 Conversational Form. Hit that button, click on Enable Conversational Form, and you’re done! 

For a detailed user guide, visit the documentation here. 

Why Conversational Form Can Be a Game-Changer

Unlike the vanilla Contact Form 7 forms where you don’t have much control, the Conversational Form hands the reins to you. From the design to the user experience — everything is interactive and customizable. 

Consistent, Engaging Design for Streamlined User Experience

Tailoring your forms to match the brand’s aesthetics, design language, and user preferences is vital — and that’s what you get. 

Full-Screen Forms, Progress Bars, and More

First off, the addon now gives you immersive, full-screen forms instead of mundane boxes. This makes the experience pleasing to the eye and engages users further. 

Conversational Form Fullscreen - Themefic


You can also add a progress bar to the form steps, which visually aids users and provides them with an awareness of the progress. 

Other visual elements like background images, colors, and the position of the content on the form as just as easy to control. Thanks to the bite-sized minimal design, you can bid adieu to the cluttered, overwhelming mess. 

CF7 Conversational Form Progressbar - Themefic


Personalized Intro and Thank You Pages

It’s crucial to start off with a good impression that pushes users forward, which is where a customized intro page comes in. Create personalized messages, background images, and buttons that add to the experience. 

CF7 Conversational Form Intro - Themefic
CF7 Conversational Form Thank you - Themefic


You can also add thank you messages at the end of the form’s submission and even add redirecting buttons. This keeps users in the ecosystem and organizes the experience a bit more.  

Give Every Step of the Form Its Own Character

A conversational form should be like a journey for the users, where each step intrigues them to move on to the other. Hence, UACF7 allows you to control the design elements of every step of the form separate from one another. 

Control the content’s position, color, and conversational field images to retain user focus much more effectively. 

CF7 Conversational Form color and image - Themefic


UACF7 also provides three unique layout options for conversational forms to suit every scenario.

Maintaining User Engagement: One Step at a Time

Unlike traditional forms, conversational forms present only one element at a time, avoiding overwhelming users. Consequently, it keeps the user engaged with the current page without worrying about the whole context. 

Giving the forms a conversational nature helps the form’s accessibility and ease of use. This makes it likelier for users to fill out the entire form, considerably reducing form abandonment and resulting in higher conversion rates. 

Personalized Experience through Conditional Conversational Forms

The issue with conventional forms is their lack of personalization. Making a user go through irrelevant steps on the form is a surefire way to lose their attention. 

Hence, the Conversational Form allows you to ask for and collect only what’s relevant to each user. This is possible by integrating the addon with the UACF7 Conditional Fields addon. 

For instance, if a user is on your WordPress site for your online services, it makes no sense to ask for their physical mailing address. You can easily tailor your form to each of these properties by adding new rules to the Conditional Fields Settings. 

CF7 Conversational Form Conditions - Themefic


For instance, if users don’t click on I accept for that part of the form, it won’t redirect them through that section. This reduces the need to skip through a bunch of irrelevant hoops, retaining users for longer and reducing unfinished forms. 

CF7 Conversational Form Condions - Themefic


As you can see, adding new rules to conditional fields is an absolute cakewalk! Find detailed documentation here

Integration with Ultimate Addons for Contact Form 7’s Addons Suite

UACF7 Conversational Form’s integration isn’t limited to the Conditional Forms addon either! You can use this addon in conjunction with the entire catalog that Ultimate Addons has to offer for Contact Form 7 forms. This includes useful addons like Submission ID or Database and much more. 

Gather Information Quickly and More Accurately

Conversational form eliminates unnecessary steps from the form and creates bite-sized steps, preventing information overload. These allow users to focus on the current step and complete it quicker than ever. Reduced time requirements reduce abandonment and help you gather information faster. 

Another benefit of conversational forms is their ability to provide feedback to users. For instance, if a user doesn’t meet a certain requirement for the form, you can provide feedback through conditional logic to fix that right away. 

This helps boost the accuracy of user-submitted information massively. Consequently, incorrectly filled-up form submissions will now be a thing of the past!

Summing Things Up

Conversational forms are here to stay, and with good reasons. Ultimate Addons’ unique implementation of the UACF7 Conversational Form can help you streamline your online forms like never before. In addition to custom-tailoring the user experience, this addon makes data collection and lead generation a breeze for you as well!

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