BEAF Version Warning

Are you seeing a warning about which versions of WordPress and BEAF has been tested on?

Warning: The installed version of BEAF PRO has not been tested on your version of WordPress (6.3). It has been tested up to version 6.0.0. You should update Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery – BEAF PRO to make sure that you have a version that has been tested for compatibility.

If so, then you should definitely update your installed version of BEAF. Though the WordPress developers work very hard on trying to make releases of WordPress to be backward-compatible with previous releases, this is not guaranteed. Aplugin, like BEAF PRO, often wants to go quite deep into WordPress. And, of course, reliable backups are vital. This message is shown to minimize the risk of your having faulty slider when you need them.

To update Ultimate Before After Image Slider & Gallery – BEAF to the latest release, visit the page Dashboard -> Updates from your WordPress dashboard menu (at or near the top). also, you can check here to see how to install the updated plugin.