5 Best WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugins: Automate Your Booking

wordpress hotel reservation plugin

Need help with booking and reservations during the holidays or touring seasons? Scale up your business stress-free when you have WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin to share the responsibility. Running a hotel and managing all the tally works is often complicated. If you use WordPress, booking plugins can automate the system and save you a lot of time. Booking Plugins will notify you of all schedules, demonstrate scheduling conditions, automate the booking system, and do more for you.

WordPress Hotel Booking Plugins can schedule meetings, reserve bookings, and even plan events. 

In this article, we have made a list of the 5 Best Hotel Reservation WordPress Plugins. By the end of this article, you will know how to select the right booking plugin for yourself and which one to go with. Have your seatbelts on!

WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin and What to Look For?

To begin a hotel service online, you must go through all the procedures with time. For a single visitor to book in your hotel, you must go through many booking procedures – booking, scheduling, appointments, payments, etc.  When you manage these things manually, it may impose a lot of pressure upon you and your staff also. Thus, increasing the number of errors. Why take risks when you can easily define a systematic algorithm for prospects’ actions?

Hotel Booking Plugins will do everything for you. These plugins introduce a quickly built interface for prospects. They can use this interface to book a hotel room, get available slots, and even get email/ SMS notifications.

What should you look for when choosing a WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugin? 

  • Simple Interface: The first thing that came up with our research is that people need a friendly interface. They have to be comfortable with your booking site to navigate easily!
  • Calendar: Make sure your booking calendar comes with the feature of a customisable calendar. Visitors can select the dates quickly without having to type the date manually.
  • Payment System:  Make a booking platform where customers can clear appointment payments. It will help you to get rid of the lengthy payment process.
  • Saves Appointments: Your booking plugin should be able to keep appointments in different apps like – Google Calendar or WordPress Database.
  • Email Notifications: Remember to send auto email notifications to your customers. Also, ensure your WP hotel booking plugin comes with this feature!
  • Mobile Friendly: Most of us manage our agendas with phones today. A WP hotel booking plugin must be mobile-friendly so visitors can schedule and book appointments with smaller devices.
  • Search by Filters: Make sure you (admin) can simplify your search process using the plugin dashboard and instantly find the booking information you need.
  • Room for Changes: Customers should be able to reschedule, view and edit their appointments online.

List of WordPress Hotel Reservation Plugins

As a hotel owner, it is imperative to establish a distinctive online presence that offers a seamless and exceptional experience for travelers staying at your hotel. Here is a comprehensive compilation of the top-rated Hotel Reservation system WordPress Plugins that will elevate your hospitality website to new heights.

wordpress hotel reservation plugin


  • Developed by: Themefic
  • License: Freemium (starts from $59)
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Active Installation: 400+ (as of 16 March 2023)
  • USP:  Dynamic location search (Google maps and OpenStreetMap), Airport pickup service
  • Suitability: Hotel and travel booking

Tourfic is the best free plugin among the 5 mentioned here. Why? With Tourfic, you have a lightweight WordPress hotel reservation Plugin to avoid the redundant features of other booking tools. It is the ultimate travel and hotel booking plugin for you! This plugin is not filled with superfluous functionalities; it has everything you need.

Tourfic, developed by Themefic, is new in the marketplace. Nonetheless, it has earned customers satisfaction and high credibility. You can add unlimited rooms, set a price per room, enable a photo/ video gallery, add hotel wishlists, and more (admin)! It is a tour-friendly booking plugin. People from any where in the world can share this friendly interface to book room effortlessly

Page visitors get higher advantages too! They can search locations based on Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, have both advanced/ partial payments, and get an exclusive airport pickup service to have a ceaseless journey from booking to the hotel! Take a live tour!

Tourfic is built to automate your hotel management process and make it hassle-free. It is available both free and premium. You can check out their free version and then switch to the premium version once you love it!

Get Tourfic Here


BookingPress Plugin

  • Developed by: Repute Infosystems
  • License: Freemium (starts from $69)
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Active Installation: 6000+ (as of 18 May 2023)
  • USP: Custom booking widget fields, Multiple Service Booking, Google Calendar integrations
  • Suitability: Small service businesses with or without a team.

BookingPress is a powerful and feature-rich booking plugin for WordPress. With its extensive range of features, it provides a highly flexible and superior booking experience for your customers. It gives you full control over the entire appointment booking process. BookingPress is a freemium plugin that is available in free and premium versions.

With its premium version, you’ll get 33+ add-ons & 17+ payment gateways at no additional cost. This means you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on purchasing add-ons separately. Plus, you don’t need coding or design experience to make the most of the BookingPress Plugin on your website.

BookingPress offers comprehensive integration support, catering to all essential connections such as WhatsApp, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Mailchimp, and more. It excels in providing well-refined functionalities like PDF invoicing, coupon management, and secure deposit payment options.

Get BookingPress Here

wordpress hotel reservation plugin

WP Hotel Booking

  • Developed by: ThimPress
  • License: Free
  • Rating: 3.7/5
  • Active Installation: 10,000+
  • USP: WooCommerce Compatibility
  • Suitability: Hotel bookings

Get used to WP Hotel Booking to manage smooth WordPress Hotel reservations online. The plugin is free. However, ThimPress offers two compatible themes to suit your hotel theme: HotelWP and Hotel Sailing. These are premium themes developed to run along with WP Hotel Booking.

Regarding WP Hotel Booking plugins, you get everything to manage hotel rooms, bookings, customers, coupons, and deals, with additional packages. Besides, this free hotel booking plugin is easily compatible with WooCommerce. Thus, you have multiple 100+ payment gateways and accept multi-currencies.

Get WP Hotel Booking Here

hotel reservation wordpress

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments

  • Developed by: PluginHive
  • License: Premium (starts from $99)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Active Installation: 20,000+
  • USP:  Instant cost calculation
  • Suitability: Rentals, Reservations, Appointments

WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments are developed by PluginHive, a spontaneous platform for building WooCommerce extensions. With WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments, you can transform regular products or services into bookable items. It is a modern extension of WooCommerce and can be used for any business.

This plugin integrates a flexible booking system into your store system. You are getting – single/multiple-day bookings, booking with start and end times, recurring bookings, and many more! One of the main reasons to buy this plugin is you have real-time cost calculations. This plugin gives you the privilege of cost calculation based on total bookings!

Get WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments Here

hotel reservation system wordpress

Booking Calendar

  • Developed by: wpdevelop, oplugins
  • License: Freemium (starts from $47.40)
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Active Installation: 60,000+
  • USP:  Google calendar sync
  • Suitability: Hotel reservations

To have a friendly interface and manage your bookings smoothly, Booking Calendar is an ideal WP booking calendar. It is a flexible plugin suitable for every booking system (almost). You offer an easy process to check availability, create bookings for prospects on their preferred timeslot, and do more using Booking Calendar!

Other features include time slot booking, where customers can book at a specific time, 1-booking-1-day to avoid double booking, fully synced with Google Calendar, set timeline to take a look at bookings for a year, month or day, booking forms, and more! Booking Calendar is also available in the premium version. With the premium version, you can take the customization and appearance to a new level.

Get Booking Calendar Here

Best Pick

WordPress Hotel Booking plugins automate appointments and bookings with a trouble-free digital system. In modern days, an online booking website can help customers easily find your service and add more revenue! People can book from anywhere, anytime, avoiding conventional processes.

Here, we have reviewed the five best WordPress reservation plugins for hotels. You can get any of them and run a powerful booking and appointment website. However, to run niche-specific booking websites, review this article to find out what best suits your service!

There also comes – Price and Features. Here, four out of five plugins have both free and premium versions. If you want a reasonable solution for your booking platform, you can get along with any of them and gradually switch to the pro version. Also, match the features with your need before installing the booking plugin on your platform.

We hope this article is useful to you! 🙂

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