Revamp Your Hospitality Business: Tourfic’s Latest Hotel and Tour Templates Unveiled in January!

Tourfics Latest Hotel and Tour Templates - Themefic

Tourfic is back with yet another update, featuring bug fixes and exciting new additions. From a new template to an apartment shortcode generator to custom availability calendars — there’s a lot to unpack. So, let’s get started! 


  • Added new template for listings and archive (for tours and hotels)
  • Added multiple tags for hotels, tours, and apartments
  • Added the ability to add nearby places in hotels
  • Added the ability to determine the day of the week from the frontend
  • Added external listing shortcodes for Pro users
  • Added repeated fixed tours
  • Added iCal integration for apartments
  • Added apartment availability calendar
  • Fixed all date formatting issues
  • Fixed the change orders and labels on the shortcode builder
  • Fixed minor issues with external booking (Pro)
  • Fixed the hotel availability calendar’s pricing issues (Pro)
  • Improved, Travelpayouts full-screen popup added (Pro) 
  • Improved the installation and activation of WooCommerce with a single-button process

A New Template for Both Tours and Hotels

In this update, we’ve added a brand new template for your tours and hotels. You can find this in the General section of a hotel or tour’s editing section. 

Tourfic New template1 - Themefic

It features a unique color palette, fonts, and icons, adding to the user experience and interface options. 

Tourfic New template2 - Themefic

In addition to the Single Page Layout (as seen above), this template can apply to the Archive section as well, streamlining the experience. 

Tourfic New template3 - Themefic

The same template changes can be applied to a tour or the tour Archive page. 

Add Multiple Tags for Your Hotels, Tours, and Apartments

Adding tags to your hotel, tour, or apartment listings is a great way to highlight them. With this update, you can now add multiple tags to each of your listings from the Labels section in the Settings page. 

Tourfic New template5 - Themefic

As seen in the image, we’ve added two new labels. These labels are visually customizable as well, meaning you can change the font and background color for each tag.  

Tourfic New template4 - Themefic

Add Nearby Places for Your Hotel Listings

Starting from this update, you can also add a list of nearby locations or places to your hotel listings. 

Tourfic New template7 - Themefic

You can modify this section through the Information tab on a hotel’s settings page.  

Tourfic New template6 - Themefic

Shortcode Generator for Apartments

Previously, you could generate shortcodes for your tours and hotels from the Shortcodes menu under the Tourfic Settings tab. We’re now introducing the ability to do the same for your apartments as well. Head to the Shortcodes section, click Generate Shortcode, and hit the Generate button. 

Tourfic New template9 - Themefic

Like the rest of the listings, you can generate shortcodes for apartments, apartment locations, as well as recent apartments. Once you have the code, merely paste it in place, and you’re done! 

Change the First Day of the Week According to Your Needs

Previously, it wasn’t possible to dynamically modify the first day of the week. As a result, the date selection calendar also showed a fixed starting day. You can now change the starting day to anything you want from the General settings page.

Tourfic New template8 - Themefic
Tourfic New template12 - Themefic

As you can see in the image above, selecting Wednesday as the first day of the week affected the calendar as well. 

Repeated Fixed Tours for Pro Users

Starting from this iteration of Tourfic, you can select a tour as Repeating. These tours will then be automatically available on your calendar for the months you’ve selected. To do this, you have to set the tour as Fixed instead of Continuous. 

Tourfic New template10 - Themefic

With this enabled, the tour will reoccur on the checked months for the selected dates — without requiring any other inputs.

Introducing iCal Integration for Apartments

While iCal integration was available for other listings with, it wasn’t for apartments. As a result, you can now synchronize your availability dates with iCal. Copy the iCal URL for the apartment, head to its Availability section, and import it for syncing.

Tourfic New template11 - Themefic

Note: The exporting option for iCal will soon be available as well. 

Custom Availability for Apartments

Once again, we’ve buffed up the features available to apartment listings. Much like hotels, you can now customize your availability calendar — providing more control. 

Tourfic New template13 - Themefic

Full-Screen Popups for and Travelpayouts Search

Previously, when you searched for listings on or Travelpayouts through Tourfic, it would create a small popup. This affected the immersive experience for users and made it seem out of place with the UI/UX. 

From now on, these popups will occupy the entire viewport for users, ensuring an immersive and seamless experience.

Tourfic New template14 - Themefic

As a result, this creates the experience of booking through these sites without having to redirect to them. 

These were some of the major feature upgrades and fixes we’re introducing to Tourfic, with much more on the way! 

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