Tourfic Tours Options

General settings of the tours will be found in this page.This page will cover the followings:

Tour Single Page

Tourfic Settings > Settings > Tour Options > Single page

Disable Review Section:  Disable the review option that allows displaying the review section on the tour single page.Where people will be able to write their reviews. Find details about review settings:

PS: You can enable/disable for different tours/hotels while adding a tours/hotels

Tour Options - Themefic

Disable Related Tour Section:  This feature allows you to hide and display related tours on the tour single page

Related Tour Section - Themefic

Enquiry Email(Pro): This is a Pro features . This is a feature for the visitors to submit queries to the admin. admin can set mail for the email inquiry form. When someone will submit the inquiry form the inquiry data will be sent to that mail.Also this inquiries will be stored in the database which can be accessed by hotels > Enquiry details. You will find more details about inquiry here.

Partial Payment modal

Tourfic Settings > Settings > Tour Options > Partial Payment popup

There is an option which allow the users to pay the partial amount of the booking fee. You will find more about the partial payment here. You can update the Partial payment popup information here in this section.

Partial Payment modal 1 - Themefic
Partial Payment modal - Themefic

Itinerary Builder Setting

Tourfic Settings > Settings > Tour Options > Itinerary Builder

Itinerary options: In Tourfic there is a complete itinerary builder builder . Here you can add custom options for itinerary options with icons. Set a title and icon to add an itinerary option.

Tourfic Itinerary Builder - Themefic

Itinerary Chart

How to create the Itinerary Map for the tour?

Tour Itenerary 1 - Themefic
Tour Itenerary 2 - Themefic
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