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multivendor global settings - Themefic
Multi Vendor Global Settings

Go to Instantio Settings -> Multi Vendor

Registration Settings:

Registration Form Popup: You can open the Registration Form popup by clicking any element. For this, you will need to enable it from this setting and tf-reg-popup as a class on that element.

Registration Form Shortcode: If you want to show the Registration Form on any post/page or on text widgets you need to add [tf_registration_form] shortcode there.

Enable Email Verification: If this is enabled then vendors will receive a verification e-mail containing a verification URL. After clicking the verification URL vendor’s email will be verified.

Login Restriction: If it is enabled, it will prevent login of unverified vendors. If admin disables any vendor’s id, then that vendor won’t be able to log in.

Vendor Settings:

Enable Vendor Registration: If enabled visitors can register as “vendor” using the registration form.

Vendor Can Add: By default vendors can’t add new hotel locations, hotel features, and tour destinations. But if enabled from here then vendors can add new hotel locations, hotel feature,s and tour destinations.

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